A New Beginning

My computer has been doing very well lately.  Maybe I haven’t either.

My mother, who is 90, and known by many of you, is getting ready to go through heart surgery.  My mind is more on her than anyone else.

I’ve been submersing myself in my writing, when she wasn’t here, and coming to terms with the possible inevitable.

I just finished my Christmas story,  ‘Ellie’s Grand Christmas Wish’, so I’ve done something worth doing.

I hope you have all had a great Thanksgiving.  For me, I ate entirely too much, and even though we went to our daughter’s for dinner, we came home with goodie bags filled with turkey and ham, and have been enjoying those.  (I have actually gained a new liking for croquettes and soup.)

So, now, I look forward to Christmas.  My shopping is done.  My party is in three week.  This year, all but one child will be home.  Can you imagine 7 kids, their spouses, children, and a new great children all in one house?  And that doesn’t count friends, family and adoptees.

After all of that…I’ll settle in and help Mama get over her next ordeal of her surgery.  Keep us in your thoughts.


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