And So I Digress

I just did what I swore I would never do; discuss politics, beliefs, or lack of, in mixed company.  I hope that as fellow readers you realize I sometimes need to vent and don’t hold it against me.

So…I am sitting here with a glass of wine.  Fu-Ki Plum sake to be exact.  It is sweet.  (Type 2 here I come)  It is also very potent.  At least that’s what my lack of inhibitions is telling me.  I am trying to finish a book I’ve been working on for several months.  The love scenes just aren’t meshing for me.

My husband lives in his man cave which happens to have now taken over my entire basement which started out as a one-bedroom apartment.  (He has, however, been kind enough to leave me a path that leads to the laundry room.  Isn’t he nice?)  I walked down the steps daring the gremlins to come out from under the stairs to grab my feet, anything that is hidden beneath the piles of papers and clothes that covers the sofa I so lovingly upholstered, to rumple the papers and startle me out of about 5 years, and carefully stepping so I didn’t disrupt any of his disorganized organized filing system that looks like it is just waiting for trash day.  I handed him a glass of my newly found second love.

He gulped it down in one swallow, nodded and said, “Not bad.”  He handed me the glass and went back to his game.

I leaned over, gently nibbled his ear, and whispered, “Will you be coming up soon?” (I thought it would be a nice idea to sit on the couch, snuggle under an afghan and watch a movie. I could maybe play out that love scene I’m having trouble with.)

“Whatcha got in mind?”

I gave him my sexiest smile.

“Let me finish my game first.”

He’s been playing this game for over a year and still isn’t half way through it.  His cell phone sits next to him and blinks with an unanswered call from our son.  He has messages to answer from his brother.

I walked upstairs and am now sitting here sipping my wine, and sharing with you.

Not to worry.  Tonight, when he is almost to sleep, I plan on snuggling up to him, while wearing my best nightie.  I’m going to put my arm around his waist and whisper.  “Do you know how much I love you?”

He’ll mumble something then say, “Yep!”

I’ll roll over, stick my ice cold feet on the back of his thighs and go to sleep thanks to my new friend, ‘Fuki-Plum sake’  But first I’ll try to write that love scene in my newest book in ‘The Sisters’ series.  I love romance.  🙂

The joys of decades of marriage!!!


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