The Election is Over!!!

I recently spoke to my daughter.  She is so distraught over the outcome of the election she is making herself sick.  She and her siblings all think differently and I brought them up to be strong enough to not just have their beliefs and opinions but to be strong enough to stand up for their convictions.

This election has taken its toll on those I love.  I am seeing them not talking to each other over their differences of choice.  I hear it on television and in the news.

There are ways of getting our opinions out without ripping our lives and relationships in shreds.

I hear LGBT are fleeing because of Mr. Trump’s blanket statements about them.  People are moving from their homes and heading to Canada and Mr. Trump says good riddance.  They are moving west, not to find new homes as did the pioneers, but to find homes far enough away that they aren’t afraid to be who they are.  They are still Americans.

I see race riots happening because of Mr. Trump’s blanket statements.  People fear a wall being built because of Mr. Trump, who by the way if he went back in his own history, would realize that the U.S. really belongs to the American Indian, who found themselves herded into small areas, forced to live a life of open emprisonment, and all  because of the prejudice of the immigrants who came into their country.

Build a wall!  Make gay marriage illegal!  Women are pigs!  Russia’s Vladimir Putin congratulates him on his win!

Fifty per cent of the people are eager for his changes.  The other fifty percent are fearful.  They fear that he will be able to implement his prejudicial follies.  They fear his hedonistic, prejudiced and mysoginistic attitude.  They fear his flip attitude will not only create a new Civil War within our country, but break down our strength as a number and make us even more open to terrorism and invasion, with the ultimate outcome of nuclear attacks.

I totally disagree with Mrs. Clinton’s views on gun control.  That is our right as Americans; to own guns and use them in self defense of our homes, lives, and countries.  She can be very idealistic which tends to make her look as if she is not strong enough to run a country. I am not stating an opinion, I am stating observations.  I am stating what is happening in my own family.

If we are truly as strong as people believe, we need to come together as families and keep the strength alive.

One person, or even a handful of persons can’t take away our will.  Is it worth fighting for?  Or is it just an outmoded idea and notion that should die along with our freedom and right to live in peace and harmony.

Quit crying.  Quit fighting amongst yourselves.  Starting fighting for what you believe in.  Stay focused.  If it’s a fight they want, fight them, but do it in a way that preserves the harmony and doesn’t create more anger and separation.  Stand shoulder to shoulder

The election may be over, but that doesn’t mean our fight should be.  If our forefathers had given up where would we be?  Mr. Trump would have been given a crown and thrown instead of a bedroom in the White House.




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