I’ve been busy lately.

I spent 12 hours yesterday learning a new program.  I cut and paste.  I created links.  I downloaded.  I created programs.  I even tried out ChimpMail, which was fun.  (I love the name)

I made a mess.

I cut the wrong thing and pasted it where it should never have been.  Then I posted it.

I created links that were supposed to take me to a special site.  I tried the link and it took me to my Word program and asked for my password.

I downloaded almost a full gig of info to find out I was downloading the wrong program and ended up deleting it.

ChimpMail was supposed to be so simple even a monkey could use it.  Just call me Cheetah.  (As in Tarzan??)

I created a program that was so out of sync, even a computer expert wouldn’t have been able to fix it.  Or my husband!!!!

So…I’m back to square one.  At least I got one link right, but the attachment isn’t there.

Deep sigh!   ***!!??**&@#!



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