Did you ever look at something for so long that all of a sudden you don’t know what it is?

Did you ever lose touch with someone just to hear a voice that instantly brings them to mind and makes you smile?

Did you ever have someone you loved die, yet even just a television show or movie can recall to memories all those great times you had together?

Have you ever looked at your significant other and realized how much they have changed and not recognize them?

The people we see everyday sometimes seem to be the stranger.  I looked at my husband across the table the other day and took a second look.  What happened to the man with the wide shoulders, muscled arms as big around as my thighs, wash board stomach and jet black hair that hung around his shoulders?  Who was this somewhat flabby man with greying hair, now cut short, and slightly bent over.

Then he smiled at me.  All the changes disappeared.  Here was the man who fought for me even before we really met.

We met on the internet and for two years we talked almost everyday.  Eventually the typed words became spoken as I trusted him enough to let him call.  He always teased me that he should be dating me and my answer was always, ‘You aren’t ready for me yet.”, and we’d laugh.

My ex was harassing me and I had needed to call the police, and my then friend, now husband, offered to be my champion.  “Let me come and f— him up!  Just for s–t and giggles.”

“No!”  I laughed at him.

When we met it was a surprise.  I had never seen his picture and he nearly scared me because he was the text book biker, till he smiled and laughed.  It was love at first sight, but I already loved him.

We’ve changed.  I’m not the svelte beauty I was twenty years ago.  If I’m honest with myself, I would have to admit, that I’ve gained  more than a few pounds.  My hair has gone from deep chestnut to silver, but my heart is young and it still melts when he smiles at me.

I may not recognize the outer shell at all times (mostly when I can’t find my glasses, like when I have them on top of my head.  🙂 ), but I will always recognize the sound of his voice as it floats from a memory, or his laughter when he is teasing me.

If I never remember anything else, when the people I love are no longer near me, I hope it is the sound of their laughs.

Happy reading!


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