1:20 AM

It’s 1:20 AM and I am not tired.  I guess the question is:  What does one do with their time when everyone else in the house is soundly sleeping, all that is but you, and you don’t want to wake anyone?

My answer to that is to sit here and quietly think.  I think:  What could I write that may possibly be interesting to someone other than a sleep depraved crazy woman?  Why am I still awake when the rest of the local area, since nearly all are farmers or Mennonite who don’t have electricity, are sleeping in their beds?  What could I possibly write that may bore even myself to the point where I could put myself to sleep?

Not very many answers are coming to me at this time.  Except:

I’m home from Florida.  When my daughter and I left, there were three people and a three week old kitten that had been abandoned by its mother and adopted by my sister, all taking the 18 hour trip via Route 95 along the Eastern seaboard.

On the way home, there were two people and two very rambunctious full-bred, eight week old, fifteen pound blue-nose pit terrier puppies in the back.

Being they were puppies, my daughter and I had a feeling that like all babies, they would sleep most of the way home.  Boy, were we wrong!

About half way through the trip, they decided to exert their dominance over one another.  Did I tell you one was male and the other female?  The male has a very quiet, leave me alone demeanor.  The female, Atlas, is quite the tigress.  She is always inciting some kind of angry behavior from the male, Cooper.

We took them out to do the potty thing somewhere in North Carolina.  They walked on a leash like they had been doing it their entire lives, instead of the first time.  It came time to get back in the car and, with our help, they went right back in.  We decided to let them stay outside of their kennel for a little while so they could stretch their legs.

About ten minutes later, Cooper was beginning to whine and then bark quite loudly.  I unhooked my seatbelt and looked back.  Atlas had pushed the door of the kennel shut and was sitting in front of it so Cooper couldn’t get out.  Like that wasn’t enough, every time he would put his paw out threw the front, she would snap at it then turn her back to him again.

My daughter decided to put them in the kennel, together, and put a blanket over top so they could, hopefully, sleep.

Wrong!  The kennel started to ‘walk’ across the back seat.  It was rattling and there were some horrific noises coming from underneath that blanket.  It started as yips, went to barking, to growls, and then truly painful sounding yips.  “We better pull over and check on them.”

My daughter decided all was well and five minutes later they quieted down.  When next we stopped, I refused to open the kennel to let them out.  “I don’t want to see an eyeball in one corner, a tongue in another, and one dead dog laying in the middle or possibly, if it is at all possible, which I highly doubt, having a zombie dog jump out at me.” She did the honors.

There were two delightfully happy puppies waiting for their release.  Both were looking at us with an air of innocence.  The radio was playing Alice Cooper’s ‘Welcome to My Jungle’.

I think that pretty much sums up our adventurous trip to and from Florida.

Happy Reading Everyone! And to all a good night! HaHaHa


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