Route 95

Does anyone remember Jim Croce?  If you do, do you remember the song, ‘Rapid Roy’?  And the lyrics toward the end, ’95 is the route you were on, it was not the speed limit sign.’?

That song was from about 40 years ago.  Jim Croce was one of my favorite singer/songwriters and the roads were navigable.

The last couple of days were nothing like the song.

My daughter and I spent nearly 16 hours on Route 95 traveling from N. Virginia to N. Florida.  Normally, once you get on Rt. 95, the trip should be shortened from the first 14 hours, four of which was in PA and Maryland, to about ten hours for the remainder.

You then add another two hours for potty breaks and drink retrieval, add another hour or two to stretch muscle tight legs and a quick drive thru meal, and then just general traffic problems through Washington D.C, Richmond, VA, and anyplace else there may be congestion.

However, when you throw in a three week old kitten who needs fed every two hours, and another person who requires several more stops for potty breaks and muscle stetchings and just to give a tushy a break breaks, it makes the trip longer.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love traveling with my daughter; we used to do it all the time before I found John.  I always used to enjoy traveling with my sister.  Now that I’m older, and my sister is older, the fun isn’t quite as fun as it used to be.  Age has put its toll on more than just our older bodies.  And this brings up another query.  Does anyone know when they put toll booths in the middle of some areas of Route 95?

All in all, the trip was enlightening and it was fun, but it was long.  We left at 8PM Thursday evening and arrived at 5PM Friday evening.  My daughter and I had not slept since early Thursday morning, and she even less because she worked till 3AM went back to work at 7AM and worked till 4PM.  All with  no sleep. So, till we reached the border of Florida we were punch drunk, myself more than she, and wondering who was doing the better drugs, which happened to just be sleeplessness for us all.

And….we get to look forward to starting it all again on the ride home Monday morning.  Someone please explain to us the concept of ‘airplane trips’.

Happy Birthday Jenny.  Thank God forty only comes once in a person’s life.


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