St. Judes/Shriners Children’s Hospitals

I am currently doing a fund raiser to help St Judes Childrens’ Hospital and Shriner’s Medical For Children with Cancer.  This is my way of saying thank you to the ‘Powers that Be’ for giving me healthy children and grandchildren today and pray they will continue to be as such.  I hope that if they don’t, someone will have made it possible for them to receive the expensive life saving treatment they could need as I am trying to do with the help of my granddaughters.

I know I’ve told you about my children’s book, but the proceeds from this book is going toward these two funds.  With Christmas coming, it may make a nice present for your child, or one you may know, and think of how you may be helping these kids.

My granddaughter is the inspiration for the book I currently have on market, ‘Sammy Sees A Squirrel’, and she helped me write ‘When I Was Three’ which will be coming out in the next two weeks, as soon as my granddaughter Sabrina is done with the illustrations.

I also have a book for teens coming out about Sabrina’s first experiences with boy, and the only reason it isn’t on the market is because I am struggling with a better title.:)  All are and will be available in all Amazon and CreateSpace markets.  They will be coming to select books shops in the next couple of weeks.  I’ll keep you posted on them.

These three books will all have their proceeds go to my kids favorite charities.  We are also going to personally buy 50 copies of each for Samantha and Sabrina to hand out to the children in our local children’s hospital when they have their Christmas part for the children who are in the hospital and in the Ronald McDonald House.

Please, find the time to pick up a book and help the children.  If you know anyone with children of the age who would enjoy these books, please tell them about the good they will do.  These three books are not for profit books, but they may help save a child’s life.

Thank you  &  Happy Reading.


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