A Four Year Old’s Birthday Party

My husband and I just got back from my niece’s birthday party.  She is now four.  Or is it forty?  “)

My daughter showed up a little late, but with my granddaughters and the oldest, Bean, who had her boyfriend along.

Cherish, my niece, became quite piqued at this.  She refused to talk to Bean.  It didn’t matter how hard she tried to talk to her, Cherish ignored her.

Cherish adores my husband and she went to him, put his arm around her shoulders, and whispered to him.  “Keep them away Uncle John.”

John looked at her and asked why she was mad at Bean.

“Because Bean is mine.  I asked her to my party and not that boy.”, she told him quite frankly.

“But he seems nice.”

She got up, put her hand up to him, and told him, “Don’t talk to me.  You are a trailer.”

Now I think she meant traitor, but she called him a trailer, which had him laughing.  Bean came over and hugged him.  “Hi Pop.  This is Taylor.”  Then bent down and whispered in his ear.  “Don’t hurt him.  Please.”

Now let me go back a little.  Since Bean was little enough to remember, he has been telling her that she was not allowed to date until she was at least eighteen.  Then it was only if he got to sit in back and chaperone and if the boy laid one finger on her, he would personally make sure that finger never touched anything again, and he planned on showing him his shot gun.  So, when Bean asked him not to hurt Taylor, he hugged her hard and just laughed.  He did, however, shake Taylor’s hand.  When Cherish didn’t like him, he was ecstatic.

Taylor decided he should try to talk to her, anyway.  As he walked over, she turned a 180 and put her head up in the air, attempting to ignore him.  All she would say is, “Bean is mine.  Not yours.”

“I don’t want to take her away.  But can’t we be friends like you and Bean are friends?”

Cherish turned a little so she could look over her shoulder at him.

I’m not sure what else he said, but she turned around and took his hand and took him to the swings.

Bean stood there, with her arms akimbo, just staring after them.  She grabbed Sam, her sister, and they headed in the same direction.  Cherish turned around.  “He’s mine for a while now Beana.  You just stay there and talk to my Daddy.”

Bean laughed.  Sam went with them to the play ground where Taylor showed them how not to climb a rock wall.

Needless to say, the day was perfect.  Thirty-five people and not even a raised voice.  How much better could it get.  But then, it was a birthday party for a four year old.  Oh and did I tell you?  Cherish decided Taylor should be her boyfriend because hers didn’t show up.  He’s five.

Happy reading everyone.


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  1. youaresupermom · September 12, 2016

    How cute…


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