The ultimate compliment

My oldest daughter called me last night at 10PM.  Naturally, as a mom, my first thought was that something was wrong, but after ascertaining that she forgot how to tell time, we had a long chat.

We were talking about my granddaughters and how Sam, the eight year old, had talked her way into being allowed to go to Nina and Poppy’s house even though her room wasn’t clean and her homework not done.

Jen told me, “Mom, don’t let this go to your head, but you and Dad are to Sam and Bean what Pop and Gram were to Carey and I.”

“You mean we spoil them rotten?”  I quipped.

“I mean you love them unconditionally and let them just be.  We really needed that and I’m sure they enjoy it what with the way Carey works, being a single mom and all.”

I almost cried.  It was possible one of the best compliments I have ever been given.  I wonder if they all know how much they are loved and appreciated?


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