Writer’s Block

I’m having a major writer’s block.  I’m sitting here looking at my computer, my newest children’s book, When I Was Three, is staring back at me, I’ve got this pathetic looking bear with a ‘cub’ in her arms, and a lot of blank space waiting to be filled.

The words are there, but I can’t put them together cohesively.  The pictures are blah and need revisited.  I’ve spent the last two hours going through clipart programs, considering buying a program called Sketchbook, and deciding against it, and then I decided to print the words out and give them to my granddaughter who is an excellent artist.

Then I looked at the words.  They sound more like a sappy mother’s day card than an illustrated book for children.

When I was three, you dressed me, you fed me, you played with me, you fixed my boo-boos.

When I was four, I dressed myself, I fed myself and I played by myself.

Now I am five and I cook with you, I talk with you, and I help with dishes.

I still want to be held, just not too tightly.  I want to be put to bed and talked to till I go to sleep and I want  you to take me in your arms and hug me until I squirm.

I’m still that three year old inside, but my wrapping is different.

So, I guess it’s back to the drawing board, literally, and a complete overhaul of the words and their sequence.

Any ideas?  I know I don’t have any right now.

Maybe a good night’s sleep and a fresh look in the morning will do me some good.  Or maybe I’ll just switch to one of the other two books I’m working on.  I am such a sucker for punishment.

Happy reading and writing to you all.


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