My granddaughter, Samantha, happens to be one of my guiding influences in all I do.  I have many, but between she and her sister Bean, I get more inspiration than I know what to do with.

Samantha decided to come home with us on Sunday, after a family picnic at my daughters.  After wheedling, cajoling, and a few tears, her mom, my daughter, decided it was time to say yes.  Need I say; she was already packed?

She asked me to go to the computer room at one point.  She sat me down and said, “You type Nina and I’ll tell you what to type.”  It turned out she wanted to write a book.  She told me she wanted to make a book just like I did.

We laughed the whole time we were writing.  She was talking so fast I told her, “I can’t hear when you’re talking that fast.  Slow down so my ears can catch up and then my fingers will know you’re saying.”

She had tears in her eyes from laughing and so did I.  The way she turned, the sun caught them on her lashes.  She looked like she had a diamonds twinkling on her lashes.  At that point, I saw the beautiful young woman she was becoming.

She proudly took her book, which we had printed, home and show it to Bean first.  “Bam.  Take that.  I wrote it.”  She announced as she popped in her face then waited for her to take it.

Bean praised it.

She then took it to my daughter, who read it, asked some questions about the things she had written, then praised it.

She announced that we would ‘polish’ (publish) it soon so anyone can read it.  I tried to explain to her that we can’t publish a fact book about cheetah because we took all the info from other books.  To which she said.  “But it’s in my words and I wanted to be a cheetah when I wrote it until we found out that if they are hungry enough the boy ones might kill the babies if the mother isn’t around.”

You can’t beat that logic.  The twinkle in her eye was all I had to see to know that I would do it for her no matter what.  She and Bean have me wrapped, as my daughter would say.

So, for anyone who is reading this, I would like to announce that I am here to publish Sam’s book but for your reading only.  Please let her know what you think.  🙂



Sammy’s Cheetahs

If I Were a Cheetah 

By: Samantha McElwee 

Cheetahs are the fastest animal in the world. They are able to spot prey up to a mile in distance.

They will eat gazelles, zebras, and antelopes. Once they catch their prey they will often take it up into a tree to keep other predatory animals from getting it.

Cheetahs are also very fragile. Cheetahs can run 0 – 90 MPH in 3 seconds but they can’t do it for long. They tire out easily and can injure themselves.

A mother cheetah can have up to six cubs in a single litter. The babies, or cub, weigh between 5 and 10 ½ ounces each.

They grow very quickly. But, they are in constant danger until they have grown.

When a mother yells it can either mean to run and hide or to get behind her. She will protect her cubs before taking care of herself.

A female cheetah always travels alone; except when she has babies. She will even chase a male away so her babies are safe from them. They protect their babies as much as they can with their agility and speed. They will not give up even if one her cubs has been injured.

As they grow and learn to travel on their own, the males will find other males to travel with them. The males will hunt together. If hungry enough, they will even eat the cheetah cubs.

The females, however, will continue on their own.

A baby cheetah, or any baby in the wild, has just a 1 in 5 chance of survival, because of starvation or becoming prey to other animals. Even a vulture can be a danger to a baby in the wild.

When the cubs are strong and fast they will find a female to mate with or if a female, they will become mothers and go on their own.

Some packs will unite with other packs. To prove the dominance of one over another, they will surround each other. They then begin growling and go into full cheetah mode. That is what I call attack mode.

Attack mode is a very expressive mode because when they are in attack mode, they will fight all the others to become the head of their pack. As the others get into the fight mode, they will decide who is to be the leader and you will find them traveling together.

Their growling is also a way to ask the beaten one where he is going or what he is doing and if he doesn’t receive the right answer, or growl, another fight could happen.



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