Another holiday bites the dust!

The partying is over.  The picnics are done.  The ants are no longer bothering me.  The mosquitoes are outside and I am finally inside.  My sister will soon be returning to Florida.

My son and daughter-in-law didn’t make it in this weekend.  They were about half an hour outside of Philadelphia when their car broke down.  (That’s a good start to a long weekend.)

I have a Magic Track set sitting in my mothers bedroom.  It was supposed to go to our 4 year old grandson as a late birthday present.  There is a tablet in there that was meant for our ten year old granddaughter as our late birthday present to her.

I had two Stromboli and a pizza already to put in the oven when they got here.  I make it from scratch, dough and all, so it had to be baked.  John and I had Stromboli for two meals and I froze the rest.  I just thank the inventors for their sealers.  They do wonders for freezing things like that.

I have been to three picnics, consumed a quart of beer (I hate the stuff.)  My son-in-law put a rum and coke in my hand (What part of watching what I eat do they not understand?), and eaten more BBQ, potato salad, macaroni salad and macaroni and cheese (which I made all of them) in those three settings than I have the entire year thusfar.

I have gained three pounds.  Now I have twenty five to lose instead of twenty.  (Oh, well.)  Hey, I messed up on adding here so make that twenty three instead of twenty.  That makes it sound sooooo much better.

So…it’s back to square one for the diet.  I have no more parties until Thanksgiving and hopefully we’ll be back on track.

I love my family.  I would love to see them more, but why does it always have to be with food?

Maybe the better question would be; why am I so weak that I don’t know how to say no to it.

Well….I guess it’s time to swallow the last of that watermelon, put on my fat pants again, and start over.

With a one and a two, touch your shoe.  With a three and four, push off that floor.  With a five and six…..”Doesn’t anybody know where that chocolate cake is?”

I hope your holiday was as good as ours, or even better.

I’m back and you’ll hear more from me soon.  😉



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