Vice? I don’t have a vice? I have quirks. I have oddities.

If I were rich, I would be eccentric.

If I were famous, I would have idiosyncrasies.

But I’m an everyday person. I have odd and sometimes strange habits. I can be quirky and have a lot of fun at times. I can be serious and empathetic at others.

Sometimes I overindulge in wine. Sometimes I sleepwalk and eat the cake in the refrigerator or the candy in the dish.

I sometimes curse too much, but really try not to.

I visit family when I can and when I can’t I often forget to call.
I can be lazy and slovenly, but you can always walk into my home and feel like you are a special person and feel at home.

I am forever on a diet and have honestly now lost 30 pounds. I do, however, cheat terribly. (I make up for it or I wouldn’t have lost that much) I have all kinds of intentions, but often fail.

I know who I am and I know my downfalls. We all have them.

But…if someone asked me my vices, I would probably come off tongue-in-cheek.

Sure: Miami Vice, Vice President, Vice Principal, Ad-vice…

I hear you laughing.!


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