Hello everyone,
Life is always setting groundhog holes in front of us. Usually, we see them and we navigate around them. Sometimes we get our foot stuck and wonder what’s going to bite us before we can get out. As long as we don’t waste too much time worrying, we usually get out before there is any damage.
I know that is a weird analogy to life, but hey, I live on the mountain where there are a lot of groundhog holes. 🙂
Sometimes it seems as if everything is piling up around us and we are buried in a quagmire of our own making. It drags us down with its enormous weight.
I used to do a lot of meditation, but I thought I was beyond that. I’ve begun to go back to it. I needed to find balance and peace in me.
I once told my husband, long before we were married, that I couldn’t give him me unless I could have me first.
Once I could be able to live with myself, I was able to live with him. It took a lot of me to get to that spot. I did a lot of inner searching and I learned that I liked who I was.
I haven’t written in a month, thinking that I was lost without my mom. I miss her, but once I again, I realized that I can go on.
I am okay.
I am writing again and trying to finish Slippery Roads. Tawny is at the publishers and I am biting my nails waiting to see if she will be accepted.
I’ve changed my website and I’ve added a new section to it. I will also be starting my twelve weeks till Christmas promotion soon. If you haven’t already signed up for my e-mail list, do it soon. I don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to get some cool items.
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Check out my newest section on the website and let me know what you think.
Happy Reading and Share a smile today.




The Road to Healing

We all  have out way of escaping reality.  Mine is to go into my computer room and just  do nothing.  I stare aimlessly at the screen, but I never get any work done.

I am a writer. If I don’t do anything, I don’t get paid, but when my mom passed away at the beginning of the month, I no longer cared if I ever wrote again.

My husband talked to me and told me I needed to cry, however, I had promised my mom that I wouldn’t cry.

I had just lost my mom.  I had just lost my best friend.  I had just lost the one person in the world that I loved spending time with and going on vacation with.

My husband doesn’t like to travel, so when I travelled for work, I took my mom with me.

Here I am, almost a month later, and I am ready to get back to work.  I know she is fine because she is with my father.  She was ninety=two and she was ready to go home.

For many years I did meditation and I dabbled in self-hypnosis.  I was able to relax and I learned to go with the flow.  I learned that it is okay to be me and to grieve if I must.

I found a letter my mom left for me.  She told me to grieve if I must but I made a promise that must be kept.  I promised to honor her and keep writing.

I am writing tonight, and I will be writing quite often.  That is what I am.  I am a writer.  I am healing and my mom is in my heart.

Now. . . if only I could lose this damned weight that I’ve gained in last couple of years, I would be great.  (I had to end this on lighter note.  LOL)

Happy reading.

Sherry A

Tired eyes

Mama is home and feeling well.  I watched her go from a vital 90 year old woman, to an old woman and back to being herself again.  I saw the subtle changes that I’ve been missing.  The wrinkles around her neck.  The gentle non-controllable head shaking.  The skin that had a pale blue hue to it because it had become thin and the veins were showing through.

She bruises more now.  She needs a walker to balance her uneven gait.  She often sits and talks about things that happened fifty years ago as if it was today.  She forgets what day it is today.

I saw her eyes shine with joy when I entered her hospital room, and dull when I said it was time to go.  I heard the smile in her voice whenever she picked up the phone and realized it was one of the kids calling her.

I often tease her because no matter who she is talking to, she refers to me as Aunt Sherry, even though it may be brother she is talking to.

She has seen much and known and experienced more in her ninety years than anyone can imagine.  I try to imagine what it must have been like in her lifetime, as she talks.

She is a historian in her own right because she is a part of a forming history for our country.  She’s gone from horses to cars to airplanes to jets.  She looked at the moon as a youngster and heard of walking on the moon as an adult.

I recently had the pleasure of writing some of her stories, and I watched her cry as she read it.

Sometimes she forgets that I am her daughter, and she talks to me as if I am someone from her past.  There are times when she forgets my name, and times when she thinks I am a friend from school.

Writing the book, reminded me of the vibrant woman who once was young.  A young woman who fought hard, both against falling in love and keeping a love that would last even beyond death.

I admire my mother, and I am sharing my book with the world.

Go to Amazon.com and look for I’ll Be Seeing You     by Sherry Raby.  I hope you enjoy it, and I wish you the love that is still in my mother’s heart.

It’s Been Awhile

I tried to make my own website, but it didn’t work.  I guess you need some kind of computer savvy that I don’t possess.

I am returning here, because I have missed reading what everyone was sharing, and sharing what I was writing.

I hope I’ve not been forgotten, but I probably have been, and for that I am sorry.

I will return with more to say, and I will be updating my blog.

Please bear with me, and join me in my new journeys.

Thank you,

Happy reading, and Share a smile with a stranger


It must be Halloween

It seems gremlins are on the loose.  I went from over 100 e-mails a day to only 20, none of which are from WordPress.

I was really enjoying getting the notices and being able to read others thoughts and sharing with you.

But for some unfathomable reason, they are no longer available.  I’m not sure what happened, but I hope it what’s been done, becomes undone soon.

My husband blames Stinky the Elf every time we pull out Christmas lights that we thought had been put away so neatly, but are suddenly more like a jumbled rats nest.

However, I don’t think I can blame him, so, whoever the gremlin, poltergeist, etc.  may be, please come back and fix it for me.

Thank you!

No title???

I’ve often sat here thinking about what I’m writing and wondering what to call it.  How about you?

Titles are probably the hardest thing I have to do when I’m editing my books.  I have an idea of what I want and then as I write the characters, they begin to develop and change and there goes the title.

Most of the things I write flow quite easily.  I feel like I am there and part of the drama, joke, or whatever situation they are going through.

I started Ellie’s Grand Christmas Wish with the title Ellie in Wonderland.  Somehow it became less a fantasy than it was the animals side of what happens in the circus.

So, here I am, thinking about what I’m going to call this little blurb of nonsense and thinking that no title is as good as a title that doesn’t make sense.

After all, does everything need to make sense to be said?  Some of the best discussion I ever had with those trainees that I used to work with, were the ones that happened when we were supposed to be discussing policies and the handbooks but never made it there.

Have you ever thought about how much you can learn about a person just by letting them relax and be themselves?  You can’t put a title to that knowledge; or a price.

I forget now where I was going with all of this, and so I feel I should just quit talking and say good night to everyone.

I am glad I started to blog because I have met and feel like I know so many new, wonderful  and fascinating people and if I were to ever meet you in person, we may even become true friends.

Thank you for this journey I am on and for making it a relaxing and fun time.

A New Beginning

My computer has been doing very well lately.  Maybe I haven’t either.

My mother, who is 90, and known by many of you, is getting ready to go through heart surgery.  My mind is more on her than anyone else.

I’ve been submersing myself in my writing, when she wasn’t here, and coming to terms with the possible inevitable.

I just finished my Christmas story,  ‘Ellie’s Grand Christmas Wish’, so I’ve done something worth doing.

I hope you have all had a great Thanksgiving.  For me, I ate entirely too much, and even though we went to our daughter’s for dinner, we came home with goodie bags filled with turkey and ham, and have been enjoying those.  (I have actually gained a new liking for croquettes and soup.)

So, now, I look forward to Christmas.  My shopping is done.  My party is in three week.  This year, all but one child will be home.  Can you imagine 7 kids, their spouses, children, and a new great children all in one house?  And that doesn’t count friends, family and adoptees.

After all of that…I’ll settle in and help Mama get over her next ordeal of her surgery.  Keep us in your thoughts.

And So I Digress

I just did what I swore I would never do; discuss politics, beliefs, or lack of, in mixed company.  I hope that as fellow readers you realize I sometimes need to vent and don’t hold it against me.

So…I am sitting here with a glass of wine.  Fu-Ki Plum sake to be exact.  It is sweet.  (Type 2 here I come)  It is also very potent.  At least that’s what my lack of inhibitions is telling me.  I am trying to finish a book I’ve been working on for several months.  The love scenes just aren’t meshing for me.

My husband lives in his man cave which happens to have now taken over my entire basement which started out as a one-bedroom apartment.  (He has, however, been kind enough to leave me a path that leads to the laundry room.  Isn’t he nice?)  I walked down the steps daring the gremlins to come out from under the stairs to grab my feet, anything that is hidden beneath the piles of papers and clothes that covers the sofa I so lovingly upholstered, to rumple the papers and startle me out of about 5 years, and carefully stepping so I didn’t disrupt any of his disorganized organized filing system that looks like it is just waiting for trash day.  I handed him a glass of my newly found second love.

He gulped it down in one swallow, nodded and said, “Not bad.”  He handed me the glass and went back to his game.

I leaned over, gently nibbled his ear, and whispered, “Will you be coming up soon?” (I thought it would be a nice idea to sit on the couch, snuggle under an afghan and watch a movie. I could maybe play out that love scene I’m having trouble with.)

“Whatcha got in mind?”

I gave him my sexiest smile.

“Let me finish my game first.”

He’s been playing this game for over a year and still isn’t half way through it.  His cell phone sits next to him and blinks with an unanswered call from our son.  He has messages to answer from his brother.

I walked upstairs and am now sitting here sipping my wine, and sharing with you.

Not to worry.  Tonight, when he is almost to sleep, I plan on snuggling up to him, while wearing my best nightie.  I’m going to put my arm around his waist and whisper.  “Do you know how much I love you?”

He’ll mumble something then say, “Yep!”

I’ll roll over, stick my ice cold feet on the back of his thighs and go to sleep thanks to my new friend, ‘Fuki-Plum sake’  But first I’ll try to write that love scene in my newest book in ‘The Sisters’ series.  I love romance.  🙂

The joys of decades of marriage!!!

The Election is Over!!!

I recently spoke to my daughter.  She is so distraught over the outcome of the election she is making herself sick.  She and her siblings all think differently and I brought them up to be strong enough to not just have their beliefs and opinions but to be strong enough to stand up for their convictions.

This election has taken its toll on those I love.  I am seeing them not talking to each other over their differences of choice.  I hear it on television and in the news.

There are ways of getting our opinions out without ripping our lives and relationships in shreds.

I hear LGBT are fleeing because of Mr. Trump’s blanket statements about them.  People are moving from their homes and heading to Canada and Mr. Trump says good riddance.  They are moving west, not to find new homes as did the pioneers, but to find homes far enough away that they aren’t afraid to be who they are.  They are still Americans.

I see race riots happening because of Mr. Trump’s blanket statements.  People fear a wall being built because of Mr. Trump, who by the way if he went back in his own history, would realize that the U.S. really belongs to the American Indian, who found themselves herded into small areas, forced to live a life of open emprisonment, and all  because of the prejudice of the immigrants who came into their country.

Build a wall!  Make gay marriage illegal!  Women are pigs!  Russia’s Vladimir Putin congratulates him on his win!

Fifty per cent of the people are eager for his changes.  The other fifty percent are fearful.  They fear that he will be able to implement his prejudicial follies.  They fear his hedonistic, prejudiced and mysoginistic attitude.  They fear his flip attitude will not only create a new Civil War within our country, but break down our strength as a number and make us even more open to terrorism and invasion, with the ultimate outcome of nuclear attacks.

I totally disagree with Mrs. Clinton’s views on gun control.  That is our right as Americans; to own guns and use them in self defense of our homes, lives, and countries.  She can be very idealistic which tends to make her look as if she is not strong enough to run a country. I am not stating an opinion, I am stating observations.  I am stating what is happening in my own family.

If we are truly as strong as people believe, we need to come together as families and keep the strength alive.

One person, or even a handful of persons can’t take away our will.  Is it worth fighting for?  Or is it just an outmoded idea and notion that should die along with our freedom and right to live in peace and harmony.

Quit crying.  Quit fighting amongst yourselves.  Starting fighting for what you believe in.  Stay focused.  If it’s a fight they want, fight them, but do it in a way that preserves the harmony and doesn’t create more anger and separation.  Stand shoulder to shoulder

The election may be over, but that doesn’t mean our fight should be.  If our forefathers had given up where would we be?  Mr. Trump would have been given a crown and thrown instead of a bedroom in the White House.




For All You Do

Mama has been sick all week with the stomach flu.  She is staying with my husband and I.

I can’t tell you how many times she has expressed her appreciation of all we are doing or have done for her.  She is always upset because we are bringing her drinks, or dry toast, yogurt or pedialyte, or making trips to town for things we don’t have but her doctor has recommended.  She keeps saying she doesn’t know what she would do without us, or if she could ever pay us back for all we do.

I’ll read this to Mama tomorrow, now that she is feeling a little better.  This is something I need her to know.

I remember when we were sick and you would get up in the middle of the night to bathe us, change our beds, give us medicine, and hold us till we could go back to sleep.

I remember you getting up the next morning and going to work, taking care of the rest of us and dad, and never complaining.

What we do for you now Mama isn’t out of a sense of obligation.  Neither is it a chore or a job.

Everything we do is a thank you for all you did for us and never a complaint, even though sometimes you were feeling as badly as we were.

Everything we do is a way of giving back for all you did.  It’s the little things that we do, not because we have to, but we want to.

This is all out of love and admiration.  You are never a burden or a chore.  You are just loved.